Garlic-Basil Butter

Who doesn’t love Garlic-Basil Butter?  Follow these instructions to enhance the taste of meat, bread and vegetables.  There is a free printable recipe at the bottom of the page. Ingredients: 4 large garlic cloves ¼ cup packed fresh basil leaves ¼ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper ¼ teaspoon coarse salt 1 cup (2 sticks) butter […]

Give Someone a Heart Attack

This year, give someone a heart attack! Would you like to make someone’s day?  Put a little pep in their step?  Simply use the printable provided, fill in the hearts with your friend or loved one’s name and adjectives that describe them, print on colored cardstock and cut out.  We have provided you with two […]

A Mom’s Guide to Career Change

A mom’s guide to changing careers: Fear, insecurity, and uncertainty: my new best friends as I approach 50. My nest is empty. My life of being “mom” and holding down odd jobs that fit in with my family’s busy schedule has ended. It’s time to get out there and find ME. It’s time for a […]

White Chocolate Popcorn

Fall is finally here and Thanksgiving is approaching quickly.  I don’t know about you but this usually means the house is full of people looking for tasty snacks.  One of our favorite is a sweet and salty twist on your regular popcorn.  This quick and easy twist on regular popcorn is sure to please everyone. […]

Panna Cotta

Quick, easy, delicious….the three simple words every hostess wants to hear!  Panna Cotta fits the bill if you want something that hits all three marks.  It’s a no-brainer if you know you’re going to be rushed for time but you need to impress the guests.  Let’s get started! Here’s all you’ll need: 1 envelope of […]

Great Gift Ideas for MEN

Buying for men can be tricky.  With Father’s Day right around the corner the pressure is on to find that perfect, thoughtful, gift.  Here are the  categories I use.  Over the years I’ve learned that as long as I stay within these categories I’m usually good. ~ Handmade gifts.  When my son was young this […]

Flag Etiquette

  FLAG ETIQUETTE Proper flag etiquette is not just for members of the military.  Everyone should know the basics of how to properly show respect to the symbol of our great nation, the American flag.  Oftentimes many of us do not practice proper flag etiquette simply because we are not familiar with it.  Here are […]

All American Cheesecake Pie

This easy All American Cheesecake Pie is perfect for Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, or July 4th Celebrations…really it’s yummy for any day of the week!  Your friends and family will love it! The ingredients: 1  8oz block of cream cheese, softened 1  can of sweetened condensed milk 1/4-1/2 cup fresh lemon juice* (to taste) 1  xl […]

The Dogwood Tree

As Easter approaches I’ve been thinking a great deal about the traditions surrounding my faith.  Growing up my sister and I always awoke on Easter morning to a large Easter basket filled with goodies.  We would spend time going thru the items the Easter Bunny left and then we would move on to the Easter […]

Butter Mints

  Growing up, butter mints were my favorite candy.  My grandparents and Aunts used to keep stashes of them in their homes and during short breaks from ‘freeze-tag’ or ‘hide-and-go-seek’ us nieces, nephews, and grandkids would steal handfuls.  To me they sing spring-time, Easter, sunshine, and fun.  There’s no doubt they’re delicious but who knew they […]

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