The Dogwood Tree

As Easter approaches I’ve been thinking a great deal about the traditions surrounding my faith.  Growing up my sister and I always awoke on Easter morning to a large Easter basket filled with goodies.  We would spend time going thru the items the Easter Bunny left and then we would move on to the Easter […]

Easter Story Cookies

Easter Story Cookies are a great way to teach the meaning of Easter.  Our family makes these every year.  To print out the recipe, click the link at the bottom of the post. To be made the evening before Easter: You need: 1 cup whole pecans 1 tsp. Vinegar (white or apple cider) 3 egg […]

Easter in Eggs

Easter in Eggs, also known as Resurrection Eggs, is a wonderful way to teach children the Easter story.  The printable below includes what to fill each egg with, what to teach the children and also gives you the scripture reference. First you will need 12 plastic eggs that can be filled and can fit in […]

Easy Easter Bunny Cake

Growing up my mother used to make this Easter Bunny Cake each year.  I love the combination of buttercream frosting and coconut.  Here’s how this one was made: Here’s what you’ll need: 1 white boxed cake mix (make per instructions on box) 1 double-batch of buttercream frosting (click for recipe) 2 bags of sweetened coconut […]