How to Make a Metal Stamped Necklace

How to make a volunteer necklaceAs we were preparing for our annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon for my husband’s unit, I was trying to come up with a gift worthy of these amazing women.  What could we give to show them how much we appreciate all they do for the military families they serve?  Since they give from their hearts, I thought that a simple “Love” necklace with a heart charm seemed appropriate.

I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.  If you would like to make one yourself, follow these simple instructions.
supplies needed for metal stamped necklaceFirst you will need:

– A metal alphabet stamp set

– A metal block

– A hammer

– A brass disc to stamp on (with a hole pre-drilled)

– A heart charm

– A jump ring

– Black acrylic paint

– A rag

– Ribbon (I used 1/8″)

– A bead with the hole wide enough for ribbon to fit through

How to stamp metal jewelry

Place your brass disc on the metal block, line up the center letter of your word under the hole and hammer until you have a nice indentation in the brass.  Continue hammering your letters, working from the middle outwards.  The hammering is pretty loud.

stamp on metalThis is a rustic look, so if your letters aren’t perfectly spaced or centered, don’t worry about it.  As you can see from the picture above, the letters have a nice indentation but don’t show up real well and the disc is curling up.

make metal necklaceFlip the disc over and lightly hammer on the back side to flatten if necessary.

How to make a metal stamped necklaceDon’t hammer too much or you will lose some of the detail of the letters.

Volunteer GiftBecause the letters don’t show up well, I applied acrylic paint to the disc to highlight the detail.  To do so, simply rub black paint onto the disc, being sure to work the paint into all the grooves.

Metal Stamped Love NecklaceImmediately wipe the paint off, leaving it in the recesses of the letters.

Volunteer Appreciation GiftAdd a jump ring and a heart charm.

Volunteer Appreciation NecklacesWhen making multiple necklaces, I like to use a variety of hearts and discs.  This way each necklace is unique.

Volunteer NecklaceAdd desired length of ribbon through the jump ring.  Make sure you use enough ribbon for it to be tied in a bow behind the recipient’s neck.  Although it looks pretty good now, it needs a little something. For stability purposes as well as aesthetics, I decided to run both ends of the ribbon through a bead.  Be sure the hole is big enough to get the ribbon through but not so big that the bead doesn’t keep the disc in place.

Metal Stamped Necklaces FinishedThey look great.  Now you are ready to give a little bit of love away!

Volunteer NecklacesThere are numerous ways to wrap up your necklace for gift-giving.  I made unit labels to put on top & then wrapped them with raffia.  I hope you like them!      signature


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