Decorating Above Your Cabinets

This isn’t a post about decorating per se.  I would love to show you a beautiful area in my home that would inspire you. But sometimes it isn’t about how good we can make something look, but what we have to do to hide the ugly.  And I had some serious ugly going on.  Meet […]


Do you ever just sit quietly in a room and look around?  Sometimes I do.  Sometimes I wonder what the rooms of my house look like to my dogs.  If I were two feet tall what would I think of this room?   Sometimes I just like to observe. Today I took my camera around my […]

How To Make Chalk Paint

  Oh chalk paint, chalk paint, how I love thee!  My love for you is deep and endless. If you have never used chalk paint, you may wonder how such deep feelings can exist over paint.  It’s just paint, after all.  Or is it? It all started a few years ago during what seemed like […]

This room needs something.

  Sometimes it seems impossible to find the right piece of art to tie a room together.  Sometimes the best solution is to make your own art.  It’s simple and easy.  Recently I decided to “re-do” our guest room.  The walls are pale yellow (beautiful color) and here’s the quilt that I have on the […]