Chalk Paint Chest

Here’s my latest project.  My husband’s keen eye spotted this little chest at an estate sale in Massachusetts.  Here are some before pictures: I decided to not remove the entire lid but to, instead, just remove the cushion. I had a pair of bleached out, black, twill curtains we’d used in another house.  One side […]

Chalk Paint Round Table

We have been carrying this round table around with us and using it since we found it in a barn 23 years ago.  It has served us well.  I have been dying to give it a little face lift and am so pleased with how it turned out.  I hope you like it as well. […]

Chalk Paint Window

I love the unexpected….things like a chandelier hung in the bathroom, or outside light fixtures hung inside.  A few months ago I was shopping at one of our local thrift stores, when Kirk (my husband) came walking towards me carrying an old, beat-up window pane. I immediately started thinking of places to hang it inside […]

My Chalk-Paint Mirror

For some reason I had it in my mind that all chalk paint projects needed to be white.  Now I KNOW this is ridiculous but I LOVE the look of white painted and distressed furniture.  To get out my comfort zone I decided to go as far away from white chalk paint as I could […]

Painting 101

Painting is for patient people.  It’s not a job that should be hurried (my opinion).  I often say I asked the Lord for patience and he put the desire to paint in my heart.  Whether your canvas is an art board, a wall, a table, or an entire kitchen full of cabinets, plan ahead (well, […]