Easter Story Cookies

Easter Story Cookies are a great way to teach the meaning of Easter.  Our family makes these every year.  To print out the recipe, click the link at the bottom of the post. To be made the evening before Easter: You need: 1 cup whole pecans 1 tsp. Vinegar (white or apple cider) 3 egg […]

Aggression Cookies

These cookies are quick to make and yummy to eat.  My mother used to make them around the holidays.  I don’t wait until the holidays to make these cookies – I always have a roll in my freezer. Here’s what you’ll need: 6 sticks salted butter 3 cups self rising flour 3 cups packed light […]

Chocolate No-Bake Cookies

Ok, I’ll admit these cookies are not pretty but they are oh so good!  I’ve said it before….I believe once you get thru the pearly gates someone is going to hand you something made of peanut butter and chocolate.  Maybe it’ll be a Reece’s cup, or MAYBE it’ll be a no-bake cookie! They’re so easy […]