It’s Time to Decorate for Spring!

Hello Spring!  Now that the country is starting to thaw, it’s time to decorate for Spring.  It’s such an optimistic activity.  When we pull out our rabbits and Easter eggs, we are in fact saying that we believe good weather and sunshine are on their way…or at least we hope so. So, where to begin? […]

Chalk Paint Chest

Here’s my latest project.  My husband’s keen eye spotted this little chest at an estate sale in Massachusetts.  Here are some before pictures: I decided to not remove the entire lid but to, instead, just remove the cushion. I had a pair of bleached out, black, twill curtains we’d used in another house.  One side […]

Decorating Above Your Cabinets

This isn’t a post about decorating per se.  I would love to show you a beautiful area in my home that would inspire you. But sometimes it isn’t about how good we can make something look, but what we have to do to hide the ugly.  And I had some serious ugly going on.  Meet […]

Taken with Teal

Teal is such a fun color to decorate with.  It can be great for teenagers or for little ones, depending on your accent colors. It was time to replace childhood bedding so my daughter picked out black & white bedding that had teal birds on it.  We decided  teal walls would look great. Too easy, right? […]

Chalk-Painted Mason Jars

I love painted mason jars!  Not only are they beautiful, but they are also affordable. And adorable.  And super-cute.   I was looking for some affordable centerpieces for a volunteer event as well as a gift idea for the ladies to take home.  A trip to my garage provided mason jars, paint and Plaster of […]

The Black Bedroom

Why are teenagers drawn to black?  Black nail polish, black eyeliner, lots and lots of black clothes.  A black bedroom?  How many teens have requested a black bedroom?  And why do they do it?  Is it because they know no parent in their right mind will ever create a black cave for them to disappear into? […]

Pink and Black Vintage Bedroom

We move.  A lot.  It’s the life we’ve chosen as a military family & we’re good with it.  We look at every move as an adventure.  Every home is a do-over.  Not everyone appreciates changing their home decor every couple of years, but I look at it as an opportunity to try something different.  Early […]

How To Make Chalk Paint

  Oh chalk paint, chalk paint, how I love thee!  My love for you is deep and endless. If you have never used chalk paint, you may wonder how such deep feelings can exist over paint.  It’s just paint, after all.  Or is it? It all started a few years ago during what seemed like […]

This room needs something.

  Sometimes it seems impossible to find the right piece of art to tie a room together.  Sometimes the best solution is to make your own art.  It’s simple and easy.  Recently I decided to “re-do” our guest room.  The walls are pale yellow (beautiful color) and here’s the quilt that I have on the […]