All American Cheesecake Pie

This easy All American Cheesecake Pie is perfect for Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, or July 4th Celebrations…really it’s yummy for any day of the week!  Your friends and family will love it! The ingredients: 1  8oz block of cream cheese, softened 1  can of sweetened condensed milk 1/4-1/2 cup fresh lemon juice* (to taste) 1  xl […]

Butter Mints

  Growing up, butter mints were my favorite candy.  My grandparents and Aunts used to keep stashes of them in their homes and during short breaks from ‘freeze-tag’ or ‘hide-and-go-seek’ us nieces, nephews, and grandkids would steal handfuls.  To me they sing spring-time, Easter, sunshine, and fun.  There’s no doubt they’re delicious but who knew they […]

8 Excuses for Not Signing Up for a Triathlon

So you’re thinking you may want to sign up for a triathlon (you could always try our Lazyman Iron Tri), or maybe participating in a race is on your bucket list. You’ve always wanted to complete one but you have a whole host of reasons why you tell yourself you can’t. Today we’re going to tackle […]


I’ve always loved the water.  Some of my earliest childhood memories are of swimming.  My mother always felt children should know how to swim so before I was enrolled in kindergarten I was enrolled in swimming lessons.  I quickly went from tadpole to minnow.  From there lessons weren’t needed.  I made it to “shark” on […]

Chalk Paint Window

I love the unexpected….things like a chandelier hung in the bathroom, or outside light fixtures hung inside.  A few months ago I was shopping at one of our local thrift stores, when Kirk (my husband) came walking towards me carrying an old, beat-up window pane. I immediately started thinking of places to hang it inside […]