Red Sauce

Ok, I’ll admit to being a spaghetti sauce snob (here in the south we call anything red that goes over pasta “spaghetti sauce.”)  In my opinion the tomato flavor should explode in your mouth. The sauce should not be sweet and should not be too salty…AND it should be thick enough to cling to the spaghetti […]

Grilled Pasta Party

The thing I love best about hosting a grilled pasta party is that 100% of the preparations can be done in advance.  Any type of entertaining where I can stay out of the kitchen the day of to focus on other things like cleaning the house is a winner in my book. My husband had […]

Perfectly Easy Pasta Salad

  Once I realized how easy pasta salad is to make, buying it became a thing of the past!  No more deli counters, no more box mixes.  And pasta salad is pretty forgiving.  What do you do with left-over raw veggies?  Throw them in! Here’s what you need: 1 – 12 oz box of your […]