How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds (free printable recipe)

  It’s that time of year again!  What fun we always have carving our pumpkins. After the carving is complete, I am always asked to roast pumpkin seeds.  In the past, I would inwardly groan as I set about the task of trying to turn those slimy seeds into something my family would actually eat. […]

Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Banana Smoothie

What do you do with spotted bananas no one will eat?  Banana bread is a great go-to, so are chocolate-chip banana muffins.  But when it’s 90+ degrees out, we make chocolate, peanut butter, banana smoothies.  They are wonderful for breakfast, especially in the summer. (Printer-friendly recipe is at the bottom of the page) What you […]

Italian Soda Party

Italian sodas add extra fun to your party.  Teenagers love them.  Kids love them.  Even adults love them.  With so many flavors to choose from, they will keep your guests intrigued for hours.  Our family loves to set up Italian Soda Bars.  We have entertained women’s groups, family, friends and mountains of teenagers with them. […]

Taken with Teal

Teal is such a fun color to decorate with.  It can be great for teenagers or for little ones, depending on your accent colors. It was time to replace childhood bedding so my daughter picked out black & white bedding that had teal birds on it.  We decided  teal walls would look great. Too easy, right? […]

The Black Bedroom

Why are teenagers drawn to black?  Black nail polish, black eyeliner, lots and lots of black clothes.  A black bedroom?  How many teens have requested a black bedroom?  And why do they do it?  Is it because they know no parent in their right mind will ever create a black cave for them to disappear into? […]

Chocolate Dipping Party!

Whether you’re planning a girls’ night in, a party for teens, or an intimate family gathering, a Chocolate Dipping Party is always a big hit.   It’s so easy to throw together…with some basic ingredients and hungry participants your party is sure to be a success! So which chocolate is best to use? There are […]