Flag Etiquette

  FLAG ETIQUETTE Proper flag etiquette is not just for members of the military.  Everyone should know the basics of how to properly show respect to the symbol of our great nation, the American flag.  Oftentimes many of us do not practice proper flag etiquette simply because we are not familiar with it.  Here are […]


Greetings! It’s the first week of January 2015.  The ball has dropped and writers everywhere are sprucing up their articles on New Year’s Resolutions.  Blah, Blah, Blah. I’m almost 50 years old (there I said it!) and I’m so tired of making the same mistake every year.  I know you’ve done it too.  You’ve uttered […]

The Ocean

I love the ocean.  I spent a great deal of time this past weekend staring at the ocean.  I thought many things but the thing that sticks out in my mind here on this beautiful Tuesday morning is how I’d like to be more like the ocean. The ocean is patient.  Each day its waves […]

Make Your Own Poo Pourri Spray

For Christmas everyone in my family got a bottle of Poo-Pourri in their stocking.  It’s really a brilliant concept.  You spray it on the toilet water before you go to the bathroom and it creates a barrier so that when you poop the smell is trapped below the surface.   So what creates the barrier in […]

I love barns.

I love barns. The old ones with their faded wood and lopsided walls….the new ones painted bright red and standing proud and tall….it doesn’t matter to me. Each one is a secret time capsule holding remnants of the lives of its owners.  Each one is a place to investigate.  Each one is full of mysteries […]