Give Someone a Heart Attack

This year, give someone a heart attack! Would you like to make someone’s day?  Put a little pep in their step?  Simply use the printable provided, fill in the hearts with your friend or loved one’s name and adjectives that describe them, print on colored cardstock and cut out.  We have provided you with two […]

Great Gift Ideas for MEN

Buying for men can be tricky.  With Father’s Day right around the corner the pressure is on to find that perfect, thoughtful, gift.  Here are the  categories I use.  Over the years I’ve learned that as long as I stay within these categories I’m usually good. ~ Handmade gifts.  When my son was young this […]

Flag Etiquette

  FLAG ETIQUETTE Proper flag etiquette is not just for members of the military.  Everyone should know the basics of how to properly show respect to the symbol of our great nation, the American flag.  Oftentimes many of us do not practice proper flag etiquette simply because we are not familiar with it.  Here are […]

The Dogwood Tree

As Easter approaches I’ve been thinking a great deal about the traditions surrounding my faith.  Growing up my sister and I always awoke on Easter morning to a large Easter basket filled with goodies.  We would spend time going thru the items the Easter Bunny left and then we would move on to the Easter […]

Free St. Patrick’s Day Printables

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day can be a lot of fun, and doesn’t have to be expensive.  Every year on St. Patrick’s Day leprechauns come to our home and decorate bedroom doors with shamrock made out of card stock while we are sleeping & we wake up with decorated doors. It is a tradition we love […]

Easter in Eggs

Easter in Eggs, also known as Resurrection Eggs, is a wonderful way to teach children the Easter story.  The printable below includes what to fill each egg with, what to teach the children and also gives you the scripture reference. First you will need 12 plastic eggs that can be filled and can fit in […]

St. Patrick’s Day Fun

  Whether you have a bit of Irish in your blood or wish you did, St. Patrick’s Day can be a lot of fun to celebrate.  Every year the leprechauns visit our home and leave clues for our girls to go on a treasure hunt.  It’s such a fun game and I hope our girls […]

graduation fun

May was the month of celebration.  Our baby boy, Kaelan, graduated from college! Family came from far and near to help us celebrate the day.   As usually when the family gathers jokes, laughter, and hijinks aren’t far away. This year Kaelan’s Uncle Erik out did himself.  Using blown-up pictures of Kaelan and paint-stir sticks, […]

It’s a small, small world

In 1964 inflation in the United States was 1.28% and the average house cost just a little over $13,000. In 1964 Nat King Cole passed away, Joe Namath was signed as a quarterback with the NY Jets, and Reverend Martin Luther King, along with more than 2,500 others, were arrested in Selma, Alabama while protesting […]


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ― Leonardo da Vinci I love the simplicity of flowers in mason jars.  There’s something rustic yet elegant about them.  “Nothing is more simple than greatness; indeed, to be simple is to be great.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson  “I have just three things to teach:  simplicity, patience, compassion.  These three […]

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