Grilled Pasta Party


The thing I love best about hosting a grilled pasta party is that 100% of the preparations can be done in advance.  Any type of entertaining where I can stay out of the kitchen the day of to focus on other things like cleaning the house is a winner in my book.

My husband had been suggesting we host a grilled pasta party for several months before I came on board.  Having never experienced pasta on the grill, I was a bit reluctant.  Not wanting to experiment on company, we first grilled pasta with our family.  It was awesome!  Now I was anxious to try it out on guests!

The concept is really quite simple.  You prep everything you would use for a pasta bar, but nothing has to be hot because everyone heats their meal on the grill.  All of the stress that is normally associated with the timing of a meal when entertaining is gone! If you have hosted a Pasta Party and have food left over, this is a brilliant way to use them up.  But you might want to invite a different group of people so they don’t realize they’re eating left-overs!

Prep your pasta, sauces & toppings.  For ideas of what to include, check out my Pasta Party post.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Give everyone a fry pan and allow them fill it with whatever pasta, sauces & toppings they want.  We don’t own enough pans for everyone in a large group, so we take turns.  This actually works out really well because some people are ready to eat before others.  If your pans have a non-stick coating, they will need to be cleaned between users.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Give your guests a wooden spoon or spatula & send them out to the grill to cook their meal.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We have found several people can cook at one time.  There is room for four guests at a time fit comfortably around our grill. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Have plates or bowls on hand for your guests to transfer their pasta to so the pan can be quickly cleaned out & passed to the next person.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Grilled pasta is mouth-watering!  Your guests may not want to wait for a bowl!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Add whatever toppings you don’t want heated & enjoy!signature




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  1. Esli
    July 3, 2014 at 2:04 pm (4 years ago)

    We are going to do this again when we get settled in after our current move.


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